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Join multidisciplinary artists Anna-Maria Nabirye and Jess Mabel Jones as they premiere GESTATIONAL DIABETES: ONE PRICK AT A TIME. Part documentary, part visual arts, part call to arms, part space to heal, part Sylvanian families soap opera! 


ONE PRICK AT A TIME puts the lived experiences of women who have and are living with GD front and centre. Amplifying their voices, experiences and questions in order to instigate radical conversations and actions concerning the support and care around Gestational Diabetes.


Anna-Maria and Jess aren’t mums and haven’t experienced GD but they are kick-ass artists who care passionately about women’s bodies and health. And who are ready to shake shit up. 


Thursday 3rd December 8pm marks the official launch and premiere screening of GESTATIONAL DIABETES: ONE PRICK AT A TIME, with a subsequent panel chat. So join Anna-Maria, Jess and their guests:


Dr Claire Wilson, commissioning research fellow

Jo Patterson, Founder of Gestational Diabetes UK

Women with lived experience of GD

& an NHS health professional.

GESTATIONAL DIABETES : ONE PRICK AT A TIME was commissioned by Kings College London research fellow and NHS psychiatrist Dr Claire Wilson from a fellowship funded by the MRC, with support from fellow King’s College London researcher Judith Parsons and Jo Paterson of Gestational Diabetes UK. The project is also supported by King’s Culture and the Mental Elf.

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